Hormones for Men

An estimated two million people are now benefiting from natural plant-derived bio-identical estrogens, progesterone and testosterones. Various dosage forms can be compounded to meet the specific needs of each person.


Andropause, is the male equivalent of menopause. Potency and vitality should be lifelong! Some men actually go through a sudden change in testosterone levels. These correlate to the hormonal changes experienced by women during menopause. Most men however, have a more subtle hormonal decline. On the average, a man’s testosterone levels begin to decline at a rate of about 1% per year after age 40. Blood tests and a thorough medical history by your physician are necessary to diagnose andropause.

Andropause has a wide variety of symptoms:
Reduced libido
Depression and Anxiety
Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
Heart Disease

Management of Andropause
Testosterone is the therapeutic agent used for andropause. Triumph Pharmacy uses only bio-identical testosterone U.S.P. For the latest medical information on Andropause .

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