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Triumph Pharmacy now offers Multimed Adherence Packaging



A "blister pack" is a special method of packing medications, where each dose of medication is placed in a small plastic bubble and backed by a sheet of foil. Medications are organized by day, usually for up to a week at a time. When it is time to take the medication, you simply push the pill through the blister packing. This way, you can see which doses you have taken.

For many people of all ages, taking more than one medication can be managed simply by using blister packs. Blister packing is a very affordable, convenient, portable and attractive way to manage your medications.

​Blister Packs contain your regular daily tablets or capsules securely packed and sealed into a ready to use handy blister. The entire blister after each weekly use is then disposable and can be put into a recycle bin. Blister packs are extremely convenient and very portable, they can be taken and used everywhere and can be used for all ages.

​​Your blister packs will be a cold seal blister pack, which does not require a heating element to seal the foil to the blister, rather it utilises a strong adhesive to seal the foil to the plastic blister.  The medications are sealed and become protected from the elements. Each tablet or capsule and their description in your blister pack is listed on the pack. For easy identification your name is written on each blister pack. Medications are released from the blister by pushing through the foil, to make this easier you will receive a free blister opener, this device is used to pierce through each foil and capture the tablets/capsules. The blister pack is disposable and so after each weeks use it can be placed in the recycle bin.

​Each of your blister pack will undergo a three stage checking process; firstly by the technician or pharmacist who makes your pack, and subsequently each blister is cross checked with your medication chart by two pharmacist at two seperate stages. This ensures your blister pack contains no errors.

Your blister pack allows you to remember to take your medications by giving you a visual indicator of when ​you last took your tablets and when your next dose​ is. It also takes out the hassle of remembering how many of each to take. Each of your blister packs are packed meticulously and are securely sealed to prevent loss and damage of your medications.

​Each pack will be dispensed and sealed in a pharmaceutical environment by trained technicians and pharmacists. All necessary hygiene procedures is adhered to including the use of clean equipment and clean gloves. To produce four weeks of blister packs we require the dispensing of one months worth of medications from your prescriptions. If for any reason we cannot dispense a medication due to; an expired prescription, or if you have no repeats left, we will contact you immediately and give you options. The most common option is to issue an owing script, meaning we will dispense and pack the medication and you will be required to post us a new script in the mail.

At Triumph Pharmacy patients get the warm feeling of old fashioned customer care with the assurance of modern medical expertise.

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