Pain Management Solutions

Chronic Pain Management .

Triumph Pharmacy specializes in the compounding preparations for various conditions related to chronic pain management, including topical and/or internal formulas for the treatment of sport injuries and healing in general.

Compounding preparations are suitable for regular medical and naturopathic treatment protocols.

There are various compounded dosage forms to chose from, in order to increase the patient‘s compliance and to achieve results faster based especially on personalized compounding "touch", according to physician‘s given inputs.

Compounding for Different Pain Management Modalities

According to Triumph Pharmacy's Directory of Compounded Formulations, there are many different choices and endless adjustments and options available to treat:

Acute and Chronic Inflammations
Arthritic Conditions
Neuropathic Pains
Pain Management in General
Wound Healing
Sport and Miscellaneous Injuries
Athletic Performance Support, etc.

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