Specialty Compounding


Dr. Sandra How is a problem-solver, the type of person who figures out how to get the square peg into the round hole. And when the square peg we’re talking about is your blood-pressure medicine, and the round hole is your mouth, which for some reason refuses to swallow it, you’ll really begin to appreciate her.

“You’d be surprised how many adult clients I have who for whatever reason, just can’t swallow tablets,” says the Doctor of Pharmacy who owns and runs Triumph Pharmacy, the full retail and compounding pharmacy whose mission it is to get medications into consume-able form for patients with special needs not addressed by the commercial market. “We have a team of scientists,” she explains, “Who formulate the same medication in the tablet, only we put it into a suspension, a cream, lollipop, suppository or lozenge so the patient can actually take it.”

Her philosophy is that no matter the problem, there is always a solution that will enable the patient to get the medication they need. “I have a client,” Sandra explains, “Who has hepatitis, so her liver can’t metabolize medications well, so  her medications have become toxic to her.  Consequently, we formulate her medication into a cream, so it bypasses the liver.”

Sandra’s clients are widely varied—from children who haven’t yet learned to swallow pills, to Alzheimer’s patients, who have forgotten how. Triumph specializes in compounding bio-identical hormones, pain creams for cancer patients, orthopedics, sterile IV’s and injections, specialized medications for patients with Autism, numbing and bleaching creams, and a lot of various compounding for dentists, veterinarians, dermatologists, podiatrists, fertility specialists, and many more.

All the chemicals are FDA-approved, and they can produce anything that’s not manufactured commercially. For Sandra, collaboration with doctors, dentist and veterinarians is at the center of her practice.

Sandra is a native Houstonian has been in the Woodlands area for 15 years. So, if you find yourself with a difficult pharmacological problem, the person with the best solution—not to mention experience and a great team behind her—is right around the corner. 

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