Veterinary Medicine

Compounding for veterinary medicine

Animal health care is another field of fundamental importance to Triumph Pharmacy. Contact us so we can help your loving pets and anmials live a long and healthy life.

Giving your pet medications is not always easy. If a medication is not prepared in a pet friendly flavor, it may be a struggle to give the pet the medicine. We can prepare medications in easy to give dosage forms that animals will take. If your pet will not take any medications by mouth, some medications  can even be prepared in a form where the animal does not have to swallow at all!

See the Transdermal section below.

To learn more about some of the veterinary medication problems we can solve, see each of the items below:

Just some of the products we carry
Methimazole (Tapazole) in liquids, capsules, gels & chews
Amitriptyline liquids, transdermal gel or capsules
Tramadol capsules and liquids
Itraconazole preparations
Potassium Bromide capsules
Fluoxetine capsules or liquid
Piroxicam capsules or liquid
Phenylpropanoloamine capsules
Benazepril liquid, capsules or gel
Metronidazole (flavoured so that even a cat will take it)
Cyclosporin ophthalmic drops or ointment
Tacrolimus ophthalmic drops or ointment
Meloxicam capsules and vet treats
Cisapride liquid or chews
Tylosin capsules of various strengths
Clindamycin Phosphate (better tasting than the HCl salt)
Clobetasol 0.05% dermal spray (like Topsyn but no antibiotics)

My Pet Needs A Flavored Medication
Animals know that the medicine you are trying to give them tastes bad. They don’t understand that it is actually good for them.

Owners tell us their pets are so clever they run away the minute they hear the sound of the refrigerator the medication is stored in opening!

Flavored medications
We can work with you and your pet to flavor medications so that your pet will take them. In fact, in many cases owners tell us their cats come running when the refrigerator door opens, because they love their medicine!

Examples of flavors include:

•Fish for cats
•Beef or chicken for dogs
•Banana and other fruity flavors for birds

Need A Certain Size, Strength or Form?
Commercial animal medications may be available in only one size or strength. For example, one tablet may be too large to give to a cat, but a large dog may need several tablets to ensure the correct dose.

Special dosage, strength or forms

We can create a preparation that contains the most appropriate dosage required for each animal.

Cannot find a medication
Often, an animal will need a medication that is not typically manufactured by drug companies. Perhaps a veterinary formulation is unavailable, and, for one reason or another, the human preparation just won’t do. We can obtain the necessary pharmaceutical grade materials and use them to compounding individualized dosage forms based on the patients needs.

Examples of difficult to find medications include:

•Potassium Bromide liquid and capsules

Transdermal Medications-An AlternativeTransdermal delivery of medication allows owners to administer medications noninvasively. This method of administering medications works well for cats. A measured amount (usually 0.1ml, an amount half the size of a pea) of a specially prepared gel is applied to a hairless area inside the tip of the ear. The special gel allows the drug to be absorbed through the skin. This procedure is painless, tasteless, and simple. Your pet may not even know he or she is getting a medication. This can lead to better patient compliance and less owner frustration.

Not all medications are appropriate for this type of administration. Our experience can help you take into account pharmacologic considerations and bioavailability issues prior to transdermal administration.

Need A Sterile Injectable or Opthalmic Drug?
Triumph Pharmacy prepares sterile and ophthalmic medications too.

Triumph Pharmacy prepares all sterile products in a sterile IV lab as required by USP 797 (The organization that sets pharmacy standards)

All weighing and manipulation of ingredients also occurs in a separate clean air area, separated from the sterile manipulation area by a barrier and positive pressure.

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